A Masterton Wedding | Bruce Wedding

An early flight to Wellington, an hour long drive through the beautiful Rimutaka mountains and we hit the township called Masterton, population of 23,500 – such a beautiful town!

We arrived a day early so we had some time do some location scouting – thankful for the wonderful Joanna Rakoroi who stood in as a part-time model (to all the flight of the concords fans haha).

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Scouting complete, sleep awarded, and Saturday morning came – the big day was here! I must say my favorite part of the morning is when I get permission from the Bride to take her wedding dress for a spin with my cammy.

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This has to be one of my favorite getting ready photos i’ve ever shot, all because of the reaction from the bridesmaids.

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After our quick trip with the ladies we headed off to the lads pad. We arrived and they were practically all dressed and ready, ties and all, despite my mentions to wait for me – next minute ties come off and we began with a game. “Ok so who’s the best tie tier here? How long do you think it’ll take you? 20sec? Ok… GO!” …and off they went.

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Lots of fun, lots of laughs and to be honest it felt like the 20sec call was a little too optimistic, pretty sure it was 6min later. Oh well, had a heap of fun with these lads – good bunch of guys. Took them out the back yard and more smiles were to be had.

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My favorite line of the day “Can I please kiss her forehead?” requested the groom when asked if there were any other photos they wanted. “Of course you can kiss your brides forehead!” I exclaimed. It was such a pleasure to shoot this couple’s wedding.







Congratulations Zac & Joy Bruce !



Irving Wedding

So the day started off with balloons, hot sauce, kebab sticks, string & a large amount of laughter – not your usual start to a wedding celebration. I was almost thrown off when I saw the bridesmaids blowing up multiple balloons & taping kebab sticks onto headbands. It wasn’t until I asked did I know they were gearing up for the challenges they had planned for the groom & his mighty men.


When the groomsmen arrived they began with a haka which ended with a few tears (on my end) – there’s something about the haka, it always brings up goosebumps.. it makes me feel proud to be called a kiwi.




While all these games are going on the bride is hidden away and can only view the chaos by peaking through her bedroom window – too cute.


With the Chinese tea ceremony the bride got to wear two beautiful dresses.








Such a full on and enjoyable day filled with many activities and moments that will never be forgotten. Such such a lovely day to share with Josh & Kate and their friends & family!

We had the great opportunity to capture it with both film & photography – check out the video above.