SHOUT 2015 Opener


To create an opening video for SHOUT Conference 2015. Venue: Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ. Video to be played on LED screens. To create an environment leaving people inspired and to build excitement and full of expectation for the 4 day conference.


We brought together a team of 4 from Equippers Church: Wayne Huirua, Isaac Graham, Jeremy Gregory and Abigail Dougherty (Andara) to brain storm and find a way to create this atmosphere. The video was only one part of the opener and was to be the first thing to show. The theme of the conference was “Prophesy” so we tied in our ideas from the “Breathe In” spoken word which we created for the promotional video – kept the concept of “Breath”. Even though we had 2 months of collaboration and discussion, the final product was recorded and produced in 48 hours.


A 4min video played to a crowd of over 3,000 people in the Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ. Audio was produced by: Wayne Huirua & Jeremy Gregory. Video was produced by: Abigail Dougherty (Andara Media).