Movember Fundraiser

November equals Movember month in New Zealand – a time where many men grow moustaches to help raise awareness about men’s physical and mental health in NZ.

My brother Timothy decided to jump on board and created a fund page for movember. He asked me one night if I was keen to get out the cammy and lights to help boost his campaign, I thought “why not, it’s a great cause!”. In that moment we were both in the garage getting out props, lights, extension leads & camera equipment.. and boom! Below is the aftermath – ENJOY!


timothy-movember-nov16-1 timothy-movember-nov16-2 timothy-movember-nov16-3 timothy-movember-nov16-4 timothy-movember-nov16-5 timothy-movember-nov16-6 timothy-movember-nov16-7 timothy-movember-nov16-8 timothy-movember-nov16-9 timothy-movember-nov16-10 timothy-movember-nov16-11 timothy-movember-nov16-12 timothy-movember-nov16-13 timothy-movember-nov16-14 timothy-movember-nov16-15


Anderson Wedding

Matt & Kristy Anderson. What a beautiful couple! I knew these two growing up as a kid. Our interactions involved flying foxes, ocean views, archery, quad bikes, and hammocks…all wonderful childhood memories we experienced at a camp we went to in Raglan.

Matt and Kristy’s families used to go holidaying together as well and over time they went their separate ways, keeping in touch now and then. Fast forward a few years, and it wasn’t until recently that they crossed paths again and some of their mentors “encouraged” their getting together. Now look where we are! This is the result of such “encouragement” – I LOVE community!

These images were taken by me (Abi) and a good buddy Nate Ramsey. I have to say I have quite a few favourites from this shoot, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I had taking them.

The wedding was at St Leonards Chapel and the afternoon reception was held at The Wilson Home Trust. Married June 2016.


andersonwedding-andaramedia-1 andersonwedding-andaramedia-4 andersonwedding-andaramedia-2 andersonwedding-andaramedia-5 andersonwedding-andaramedia-3 andersonwedding-andaramedia-6 andersonwedding-andaramedia-7 andersonwedding-andaramedia-8 andersonwedding-andaramedia-9 andersonwedding-andaramedia-10 andersonwedding-andaramedia-11 andersonwedding-andaramedia-12 andersonwedding-andaramedia-13 andersonwedding-andaramedia-14 andersonwedding-andaramedia-15 andersonwedding-andaramedia-45 andersonwedding-andaramedia-44 andersonwedding-andaramedia-43 andersonwedding-andaramedia-27 andersonwedding-andaramedia-25 andersonwedding-andaramedia-26 andersonwedding-andaramedia-24 andersonwedding-andaramedia-29 andersonwedding-andaramedia-28 andersonwedding-andaramedia-30 andersonwedding-andaramedia-21 andersonwedding-andaramedia-23 andersonwedding-andaramedia-22 andersonwedding-andaramedia-20 andersonwedding-andaramedia-19 andersonwedding-andaramedia-31 andersonwedding-andaramedia-33 andersonwedding-andaramedia-32 andersonwedding-andaramedia-41 andersonwedding-andaramedia-38 andersonwedding-andaramedia-42 andersonwedding-andaramedia-34 andersonwedding-andaramedia-35 andersonwedding-andaramedia-40 andersonwedding-andaramedia-39 andersonwedding-andaramedia-37 andersonwedding-andaramedia-36